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How to upload images to the Admin

  • Images can be added to the site through the Content & Media > Images Admin page.
  • Each image that is uploaded must be designated for what it will be used for with the Image Type field. This allows for a more streamlined view when choosing images for certain Admin pages (eg. when browsing Team Photos you will only see team photos and won’t be overwhelmed by every image that’s been uploaded)
  • Images will be automatically sized for the website based on their Image Type
  • To add new image(s) click the “New” button. Choose where to Upload From (either Local File(s) or Web URL(s)), this allows images to be uploaded either from your computer or “grabbed” from another website.
  • After an image is uploaded, you can do the following on the Images Admin page:
    • Make a copy of the image as another type
    • Crop the image (click “Edit” to get to where you can crop)
    • Change the file name and description

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