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How to organize Pages and Navigation Tabs

  • Go to the Content & Media > Pages Admin page
  • You will see three tabs at the top, Pages, Navigation Tabs and Forwarders. You will use the first two.
  • The Navigation Tabs are the tabs to appear at the top (or side) of your public site, while the Pages are the pages that visitors to your site will read
  • When you add a new page you must assign it to a Navigation Tabs. If a Navigation Tabs has more than one Page, or if the one Page is named differently than the Navigation Tabs, it will create a drop-down page menu.
  • Both Pages and Navigation Tabs can be ordered by using the Reorder view and dragging them to the order you want
  • Pages can be set as “Not Linked” if you don’t want them to appear in menus (they will still be accessible for anyone with the URL) or “Closed” if you don’t want anyone to see them
  • Navigation Tabs can be “Closed” to turn off all pages in that group




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