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VIDEO: Adding Images to Content

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Adding Images

  • While editing Content using the editor, click the "Insert/edit image" icon (it's a little photo of a tree, to the left of the "Link" icon).
  • Click the button on the far right of the "Image URL" field. This will bring up a browser of all of the images that you uploaded using the Images Admin, sorted into categories. In this case you will go to the "Content" directory.
  • Find the image you want and click on the thumbnail to choose that image and then "Insert" to insert it into the editor.

Adjust Size

  • You can then adjust the size of the photo by clicking on it and dragging the corner handles. Wrapping text around the photo can be done by clicking either the Left Align or Right Align button.

Styled border

  • Optionally you can add a custom styled border to the image. First you will need to go to the Administrative > My Preferences Admin page and set the Text Editor to "Advanced". Once you've done that click on the image in the editor and select "Left-aligned Image" or "Right-aligned Image" from the Styles drop-down list
  • In some cases the border is hidden. To fix this first click on the image to select it and click the Insert/edit Image button (it’s a small tree) then go to the appearance tab and delete all text from the Style line. Click Update and the border should appear.




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