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Server Outage

07/22/2017 23:00

On Friday, 7/21/2017 at 3am Eastern there was a botched server update performed by our provider. After a long wait for our provider to fix the issues, they were partially resolved by 10pm, resulting in some of the sites being available at that time. More issues were slowly resolved on Saturday (7/22). At this point we have just resolved what should be the final issues, which, due to DNS propagation, may not take effect for another 2-6 hours. That means if your website is currently not available it should be between 1am and 5am Eastern on Sunday (7/23). Please email us in the morning if you still cannot access your website.

As a result of the unacceptable response time by our provider in regards to resolving our issues we are planning on moving to a new provider in the coming weeks. There should be no downtime as a result of the move. For some of you we will be in contact to coordinate migrating email accounts and changing nameservers. For others we will take care of this with no action necessary on your part.

UPDATE 7/23 11:00am Eastern
Still working to resolve the issue. The updates from last night either didn't work or it's also possible the the DNS propagation is more than 2-6 hours (possibly up to 24 hours) and it will fix itself when that time is up. We're currently waiting on server support to look into it on their end.

UPDATE 7/23 6:30pm Eastern
Our provider has fixed the server and the issue should be resolved for everyone. Please contact us if you are still not able to access your website or email. As detailed above, we still have a plan in place for moving to a new provider and will contact you to help faciliate this (if necessary).

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