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Folder Email (5)
Directions for POP, Webmail and IMAP access
Folder General Website Admin (6)
Adding and managing content in the Admin
Folder Sports Admin (4)
Team-specific features in the Admin

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Article VIDEO: Check your email on the web using Webmail
Go to the video Go to Enter your FULL email address and password Choose which Webmail program...
Views: 1858
Article How to upload images to the Admin
Images can be added to the site through the Content & Media > Images Admin page. Each image that is uploaded must be...
Views: 1816
Article VIDEO: Adding Images to Content
View the video Adding Images While editing Content using the editor, click the "Insert/edit image" icon (it's a little photo...
Views: 1708
Article VIDEO: Change your email password
View the video Go to Enter your FULL email address and password Click on the "Change Password"...
Views: 1628
Article Importing spreadsheets into Admin pages
Click on the Tools button and then *Import. There are two ways to import: (1) save an excel file as a .csv (comma delimited file) and then...
Views: 1545

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